MCP retains its Parliamentary seats


Mwalwanda fought off competition from UTM Party candidate Frank Mwenefumbo after amassing 6,763 votes against his opponent's 6,021.

The Democratic Progressive Party’s Ernest Mwalughali only managed 99 votes, independent candidate Mary Florence Nthakomwa got 89 with Mbakuwaku's Florence Sichali (MMD) securing 13 votes.

A total of 16,180 people cast their votes.

The seat fell vacant following the death of MP for the area Cornelius Mwalwanda who died of COVID-19.

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Now an MP: Boti

In Lilongwe North West, seven candidates were battling to replace Malawi’s President Lazarus Chakwera who by law was required to step down from his Parliamentary seat upon assuming higher office.

Contesting the election were Blessings Bokola-DPP, Rextone Mitambo Banda- independent,  Christopher Njerengo-MMD, Kameta Chimwemwe-independent, Bryson Majoni-independent, Zelesi Gomani-independent, Mphatso Jones Boti-MCP.

There it was Boti who emerged victorious with 12,259 votes against independent candidate Goodwell Banda’s 9,282.

The two were followed by independent candidate Bryson Majoni's 5,436, DPP's Blessings Bokola-270, independent candidate Chimwemwe Kameta's-263 and Christopher Njerengo of MMD's 112 votes.

A total of 27,801 votes were cast with 179 of them being null and void.

The Malawi Electorial Commission is expected to announce the official results on Thursday.