yes is a reliable source of verified news articles, a citizen reporting portal and a social network for Malawi established in 2019. Media in Malawi has evolved and flourished, previously Malawi had a handful of newspapers but now an average consumer is more connected taking advantage of the various platforms due to advances in technology.  Driven by increase in smartphone usage and data consumption for online content, Malawi has made a great leap over the years. While the average newspaper circulation is 10,000 copies a day. has online readership of 25,000. is an innovative platform for deep context news analysis and interactive self publication.  Simply put Kulinji is your news, entertainment, current affair website. We provide you with the latest breaking news and videos. In order to provide you with as accurate and comprehensive information as we can, we have created a network of journalist will consistently update our news portal mirrored to our social sites.

Our aim is to connect with our readers, what makes this so special is the pure joy we feel for being able to provide news that matter. We promote voice and advocacy, our readers opinion matter most than our own.

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