Speaker of Parliament dumps MCP

Msowoya addressing the media


Speaker of the Malawi National Assembly and former First Deputy President of Malawi Congress Party has resigned from the party with ‘immediate effect.’

Richard Msowoya made the announcement on 29 June during a press comference held at the capital city in Lilongwe citing the differences on core foundation values of the party with the other party members.

“I was among those that would not support any of it and I openly challenged many decisions that were contrary to core foundation of the,” he said adding the party is acting against core values of the founding fathers of the party. “In light of the current situation and the aforementioned regrettable development in the Malawi Congress Party, I have decided to resign from the party with immediate effect.”

He further said that he will continue to save as an independent member of parliament. Moving forward I will be in the next few days announce my next move

Msowoya noted that MCP as a first party in power in the country made the most difficult decision of allowing for the smooth transition from one party system of government to a multiparty political dispensation.

“The levels of political tolerance exerted by the Malawi College Party from the day the results of the nation referendum were announced to the time of the first multiparty general election remain unsurpassed to this very day. This something that the party will be proud of and it’s one of the reasons that attracted me to the party,” he said.

On development Msowoya noted that the country has potential for development noting ‘Malawi is country that has rich worthy of human capital to drive and sustain its development agenda as well as contribute meaningfully to the global economy. It has also immediate of untapped opportunities, natural beauty, minerals and resources that give it immerse potential for greater development.”

“Having overseen several budget sessions in the national assembly, I am very certain that Malawi can raise adequate funding to be able to work towards self-sufficiency such as food security, infrastructure and education.”

“However, the current situation, 54 years into our independence is not the kind of Malawi we hoped to see…. We need to courageously face our challenges while openly and honestly discussing our successes and failures if we are to formulate and implement the necessary collective measures."

He further said the country continue to be in the state of despair among the population and cases of abuse of public resources leading to lack of development.

“The call for change has never been clearer. The need for each one of us to take ownership of the country’s problems as individual community and national level has never been more important and this is time to go again the grain and try to go again status core to have Malawi we want to thrive in,” he said.