Person with albinism to contest in Malawi election

A homeless albino family


People living with albinism in Malawi refuse to be left out in the next year’s election as the Association of People Living with Albinism (APAM) reveals at least six of their members have shown interest to contest. Two members are interested in parliamentary while the rest will go for local government counsellors’ positions.

APAM Executive Director Overstone Kondowe said in an interview with Kulinji that this is significant as it challenges the country that those with albinism have abilities just like everyone else. He was speaking ahead of this year’s World Albinism Awareness Day on the 13 of June.

“Despite the challenges that we’ve in the country regarding people with albinism, we intend to shine on that day especially considering the achievements that we’re making in advocating for the rights of people with albinism,” he said.

Kondowe added: “We are the third country in southern Africa to launch action plan on albinism in line with the United Nations frameworks. That’s something to celebrate about.”

However, Kondowe expressed disappointment on the lost file cases involving attacks on albinos. In April, Malawi Police Service conducted case audit and found two important files were missing which subsequently led to the cases being withdrawn.

Furthermore, 15 cases were also closed prematurely, according to Kondowe, and surprisingly some statements in the  case involving recent murder of Macdonald Masambuka are also missing.

The day has been proclaimed by the United Nations (UN) to spread information about albinism and to avoid mobbing and discrimination of albinos. The International Albinism Awareness Day aims to increase the global attention to human rights.

This year’s awareness day will be celebrated under the theme “Shining Our Light to the World.”